Families race engine-less go-karts in Bolivia

STORY: Around 500 children teamed up with their parents to compete in the U.S.-inspired go-kart race, which has become a regular fixture for local families since 1950.

One of the competitors was Nestor Velarde, a 60-year-old local who first raced in 1965.

His son, Diego, and his grandson, Isaac, took part in the race on Sunday using a vehicle modelled after the one Nestor used in his first race over 50 years ago.

Nestor, who worked on his racing vehicle with his son for three days, said he was happy to have crossed the finish line, but making it across was more difficult than expected.

Teams are traditionally made up of parents pushing carts driven by their children. Participants compete in one of three categories – wooden, plastic and metal vehicles.

The 2022 edition of the race had double the number of competitors taking part in comparison to the previous year.

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