Families of Philippine drug victims welcome probe

Remains of seven drugs war victims in the Philippines were exhumed on Friday (September 17) for cremation, after leases in public cemeteries north of Manilla expired.

Their families say they now have renewed hope of getting justice.

The International Criminal Court approved a formal investigation on Wednesday (September 15) into the possible crimes against humanity under the Duterte administration.

Mary Jane Gerangco's 31-year-old younger brother was killed in 2016 after police suspected him of allegedly selling drugs.

"Our hope is that our family gets justice and those who are at fault must be held accountable." she says.

"Why is it that it is just us poor who have lost our loved ones, why haven't those who've committed the crime been put to jail".

Human rights groups accused Duterte of inciting deadly violence and say police have murdered unarmed drug suspects on a massive scale as part of the campaign.

Police deny this, and Duterte says the police are under orders to kill only in self-defense.

The Philippine government has said it will not cooperate with the ICC probe, or allow any investigators into the country.

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