Families flock to reopened Los Angeles Zoo

From gorillas enjoying their lunch to flamingos hanging out with their flock, the animals at the Los Angeles Zoo are ready for visitors finally coming back.

The grounds have been shut since December, as Southern California underwent one of the United States' strictest lockdowns.

But families were back in full force on Tuesday, with young children eager to say hi to the more than 2,000 creatures that live there.

Zoo director Beth Schaefer says the animals missed their visitors, too.

"And I think some of them, we didn't even realize how much of a part of the day that it was for them because there's animals that we thought didn't really interact with us or the public when they were out in their habitats, And when there was no people, we would walk by and they'd be like, hey, what are you doing? They come over to the fence and want to interact."

And it's not just Los Angeles locals enjoying the animals' company.

Thirty-one-year-old Trakalya Goodwin came down all the way from San Francisco.

"We came down because I want to take my toddler to the zoo just to get out, and it was reopening, we don't know how long it's going to be open."

But even as visitors return to roam the zoo, they can expect to wear a mask, and find clever signs reminding everyone to stay three flamingos apart.