Families of Azovstal POWs demand Russia observe Geneva Conventions

STORY: "We very much expect Russia to treat them in accordance with the Geneva Convention, in accordance with the international law just like Ukraine treats the Russian POWs, " Sandra Krotevich, sister of the Chief of Staff, First Deputy Commander of Azov Regiment, Major Bogdan Krotevich, said at a news conference by a group of family members in Kyiv.

Natalia Zarytska, wife of an Azovstal fighter who had surrendered, said she had no information on the whereabouts of her husband other than the fact that he left the plant.

"None of my questions - whether he is still alive, what condition he is in, where they have been taken - have been answered," she said.

Uncertainty swirls over the fate of the fighters, who Kyiv wants returned in a prisoner swap. Some senior Russian lawmakers have demanded that some of the soldiers be put on trial.

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