A famed Ramadan snack: Barazek

STORY: This bakery is making barazek

a popular Ramadan snack in Jerusalem

It's thin, crunchy and coated with roasted sesame seeds

Abu Odah al-Razem, Bakery Owner: "Barazek, like I told you, is only made once a year, during Ramadan. Or at least in my bakery we only make it during Ramadan. And I know that barazek is in demand during Ramadan only, among the people. It has a special taste. After the iftar, people enjoy crunching on a piece or two, it has a special taste, especially during Ramadan."

Razem says that the 'special taste' comes from olive wood

Abu Odah al-Razem, Bakery Owner: "What distinguishes the production of barazek is the oven. It is the major distinction. It is a wood-fired oven lit with olive wood. The taste of barazek comes from the olive wood. This taste is of course special and different from what you would get using a gas or electric oven."

Barazek can be found in bakeries across Jerusalem during Ramadan

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