Famed Grizzly Bear and Cubs Emerge from Hibernation in Grand Teton National Park

An infamous grizzly bear and her four cubs were spotted supposedly emerging from hibernation in Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park on April 16.

Video taken by Instagram user @midliferices shows Grizzly 399, the “World’s Most Famous Bear,” according to the Grizzly Bear Times, walk across a road with her four cubs in tow, as a park ranger blocks oncoming traffic.

“We were the first visitors to see her coming towards us, unobstructed,” he said. “I’ve seen and done many wildlife type adventures but this was the most emotional,” he added.

“399 is an ambassador for all grizzlies in Greater Yellowstone, and subject to the risks run by many bears, including running into hunters…and being lured into areas south of the protected landscape,” Grizzly Bear Times said. Credit: @midliferices via Storyful

Video transcript


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