Mel C reflects on ‘jealously, criticism and ridicule’ of Spice Girls days in letter to her younger self

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Mel C is one of a number of friends and fellow artists to contribute to a project by Reverend and the Makers for their forthcoming album, Heatwave in the Cold North.

To mark the release of the band’s new single “A Letter to My 21-Year-Old Self”, frontman Jon McClure asked fans and friends to write their own letters imparting wisdom to their past selves with an exhibition held in Sheffield last night.

Read the letter from the Spice Girls star to her younger self below:

Dear little Sporty, (all will become clear!)

It’s 1995 and things are about to get Spicy! I could tell you that you not going to believe the things you will achieve, places you will get to see or the people you will have the opportunity to meet but I know you and the other Spice Girls wouldn’t be surprised one bit! You are all so confident, so ambitious and determined, stay that way.

I would like to tell you it’s all going to be fun and trust me it is going to be a wild ride but fame is a beast. You and the girls will be adored but that’s not the whole story, you won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, there will be some jealousy, ridicule and criticism, thats ok, try not to take it to heart.

You’re going to question who you are, who you should be and who people want you to be but who you are now is the truth, don’t lose sight of it. You are enough, always have been, always will be.

Eat well, try to get enough rest and take care of yourself mentally and physically, this amazing crazy life you have always wanted is demanding, take care, your body won’t always be as resilient as it is now.

Trust your instincts, of course you’re going to make some mistakes but at times they will teach you more than your successes. Nobody knows what’s best for you more than you do, so let the mistakes be your own and not someone else’s (because other people’s mistakes are really f***ing annoying!)

Stick to your guns about releasing “Wannabe” as the first single, you will ignite a generation of young people and I don’t want to say too much (no pun intended) but there is an incredible legacy created that will live on longer than we do!

Don’t be afraid to take risks, take on all the challenges that excite you, they will open your mind, teach and inspire you.

Everything you ever dreamed of is possible but life passes by so bloody quickly, take it all in, enjoy it and don’t take anything for granted.

One more thing before I go, don’t get rid of all your Adidas trackies and Nike trainers because you’ll be buying them again in about 25 years!

Good luck & karate kicks

Big Sporty


Heatwave in the Cold North is out on 23 April.