‘Fallout’ Cast & Creators Tease Season 2: Less Spam In The Wasteland, “More Powersuit” & Puppies

‘Fallout’ Cast & Creators Tease Season 2: Less Spam In The Wasteland, “More Powersuit” & Puppies

Despite Fallout taking place in the aftermath of a nuclear war, it’s truly not the end of the world for the Prime Video series, which has many miles to go.

Fans of video games are fanatics about how faithfully adapted into movies and series, and according to Fallout executive producer Geneva Robertson-Dworet, speaking recently during an interview with cast and creatives at Deadline Studio at Prime Experience, “there is so much we had to leave behind” in Season 1. “[There’s] potentially thousands of hours of gameplay; we have eight hours to tell our story.”

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Watch the interview here and see photos from the event below.

With a Season 2 order under its belt, as well as becoming the most watched Amazon Prime series launch ever per Nielsen with 2.9 billion minutes viewed, Robertson-Dworet says they’ll now “be able to get to so much more that we love about the Fallout world.”

Already she and fellow Fallout EP Graham Wagner are back in the writers room.

But the cast has its demands on where they want to see their characters go.

Says Ella Purnell, who plays hopeful bride-turned-apocalypse survivor renegade Lucy MacLean, “I want a cute puppy that she can carry around. I’d like less spam and more carbonara in the wasteland please.”

Lucy learns something dastardly about her father, Hank MacLean (Kyle MacLachlan), in Season 1 and the two are bound to have their issues to settle. He continues to roam the wasteland, and two-time Emmy nominee MacLachlan says he hopes the guy has “more time in the powersuit,” that being the armored uniform that is a necessary comfort in the dystopian future and is able to block bullets and the mutated gulpers.

Said MacLachlan, “Hank believes completely in what he’s doing. And even if some of the sacrifices that he’s had to make are monumental, he does them because he believes in what he’s doing, rightfully or wrongfully, we’ll find out.”

Meanwhile, Aaron Moten, who plays Maximus, wants his brave soul to “continue surviving.”

Walton Goggins, who plays The Ghoul (nee Cooper Howard), teases, while keeping it mum, that there’s a story arc he wants tied back up.

Playing a father who is left to live as a zombie after a nuclear bomb hits Los Angeles was a grueling search of the soul for the Emmy nominee.

“The very first time we did the application (of his mask), I asked to be left alone for an hour and a half outside and Jonah (Nolan) came by,” Goggins recalled. “I just sat outside by myself and just photographed it like in the sun and in the shade. I was extremely intimidated but excited to see how this Ferrari would work. And then the very first day of filming, I was extremely insecure. It was extremely uncomfortable. And I didn’t know what the audience was seeing and what they weren’t seeing.”

Goggins just kept relying on Nolan, he said. A pivotal turning point for the actor in regards to segueing from a loving, hardworking dad to the fierce Ghoul is the fact that the former endures a nuclear blast with his child nearby. “I said, ‘Man, do you see this? Are you understanding what’s happening inside?’ And he said, ‘We got it. We see it all. It’s all in your eyes, man. Just do whatever you want. You have the freedom to do what you want.’ And then once I settled into that, I had him, because it was so well-defined by what they wrote.”

Fallout, according to Amazon, is the streamer’s second most watched series on Prime Video at 65 million viewers through 16 days, just behind The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.

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