Fallout 4 modder known for their user-friendly menus has worked their magic on Starfield


A popular Fallout modder has worked their magic on Starfield's menus, making them much easier to use.

Modder m8r98a4f2 has long been tinkering with the menus and UI in Fallout 4, optimizing them for a more user-friendly experience, and now, with the arrival of Starfield, they're doing the same with the menus in Bethesda's mammoth new RPG.

The mod, dubbed StarUI Inventory, "improves all inventory screens" in the game, according to its creator. Among its many features is a more compact display style and sortable columns containing information such as mass, value, and damage. It also adds category icons before an item's name, allowing you to see what the item is more easily. On top of that, it allows for the mass transfer of a single category to or from your container or ship, and when you're buying and selling.

All in all, it's designed to make utilizing Starfield's menus speedier and more effortless, allowing you to get back out on your space adventure that much sooner. You'll find the full list of features and quality-of-life improvements available in the StarUI Inventory mod, as well as the link to download it over on Nexus Mods.

If you'd like to switch up your Starfield experience even more, there's already a whole fleet of mods to let you do just that. Some rather helpfully enable you to alter the FOV or boost your supplies, while others are designed to cause carnage, such as those that let you kill essential NPCs.

Elsewhere, Elianora, another popular modder, well-known in the Skyrim and Fallout modding community for creating impressively realistic homes littered with all kinds of odds and ends, caught the attention of Bethesda. So impressed was the studio with their creations that it landed them a job bringing Starfield's environments to life with some carefully placed clutter.

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