Fallon Roasts His Own Met Gala Look From Last Year: ‘Showed Up as Kendall Jenner’s Ventriloquist Dummy’ (Video)

The Met Gala has once again come and gone and, at least for Jimmy Fallon, it was particularly hard to figure out how to top last year’s look. The host of NBC’s “The Tonight Show” made himself the butt of the joke on Monday night, saying that in 2022, he nailed it when he appeared on the carpet as “Kendall Jenner’s ventriloquist dummy.”

During his monologue on Monday — which may very well be his last for awhile, as he has said the show will likely go dark with the WGA strike underway — the “Tonight Show” host celebrated how much excitement is happening in New York City this week, beginning with the annual Met Gala.

“It was a fun night, but it was hard to top last year, when I apparently showed up as Kendall Jenner’s ventriloquist dummy,” Fallon mocked.

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The host then pulled up an image of him on the carpet, standing behind Jenner at such an angle that he did indeed look very small. Of course, Fallon didn’t just make fun of how he looked in years past.

Noting that this year’s gala honored designer Karl Lagerfeld, he joked that Lagerfeld himself is “basically President Biden from the year 2099.” Speaking to the challenge of picking an outfit in general, Fallon poked fun at how outrageous Met looks can get.

“Picking an outfit can be stressful. I mean, you spend all weekend wondering, ‘Which chandelier can I turn into a hat?'” he joked.

You can watch Fallon’s full monologue in the video above.

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