Fallon Jokes Kevin McCarthy Went to George Santos After Losing So Many Votes: ‘Help Me Create a New Identity’ (Video)

After losing the vote to become Speaker of the House many times over this week, Kevin McCarthy still has yet to secure the support he needs to ascend to the position. At this point, Jimmy Fallon suspects the Republican representative went to one of his colleagues for advice on how to become a new person.

Like most of the late night hosts, Fallon spent the bulk of his monologue dunking on McCarthy for his struggles to become Speaker of the House. And though McCarthy has not indicated that he will withdraw from the race to do so, Fallon thinks he might’ve gone to George Santos for some advice.

“Right now, Kevin McCarthy is so embarrassed, he went up to George Santos and said ‘Help me create a new identity,'” Fallon joked.

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The late night host was of course referring to the fact that Santos has been caught lying about nearly every detail of his life and background up to this point. Among other claims, Santos said his mother died in the World Trade Center attacks on 9/11; that his “grandparents fled Jewish persecution in Ukraine, settled in Belgium, and again fled persecution during WWII;” that he received a degree in economics and finance from CUNY’s Baruch College; that he worked at Goldman Sachs and Citigroup; and that he owned 13 rental properties where tenants had not paid rent for a year — all of which were untrue.

Earlier this week, Fallon joked that Santos probably even lies about his new position as a congressman. So naturally he’d be the best option for McCarthy.

On Thursday, the late night host went on to mock the sheer number of times McCarthy has lost at this point, which, at the time Fallon taped his show, was only nine. (The current count as of this writing stands at 11 losses for the Republican).

“It is brutal. I mean, there’s a reason why you only get three strikes in baseball. It’s just hard to watch,” Fallon mocked. “Nine! That’s a lot. That’s somewhere between COVID variants and ‘Yellowstone’ spinoffs.”

You can watch Fallon’s full monologue in the video above.

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