Falling Ice Chunk Smashes Car Windshield on Utah Highway

A large ice chunk fell off a road sign and shattered a man’s windshield as he was driving on Interstate 15 in Salt Lake County, Utah, on December 17.

Marcin Karpinski’s dashcam captured the ice block falling from a highway sign. Karpinski told Storyful he had been the only person in the vehicle and was uninjured.

“My reaction was that I could cause more damage if I panic,” said Karpinski, “and the best course of action was to brace for impact, followed up with anger that this happened to a brand-new vehicle.” He told local media vehicle repairs cost him $1,500.

Karpinski reported the incident to the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT), according to Fox 13, and said they had denied responsibility. Storyful has reached out to UDOT for comment. Credit: Marcin Karpinski via Storyful

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