Falconers flock to Riyadh exhibition

STORY: Falconers, breeders and enthusiasts flocked together

for the International Saudi Falcon and Hunting Exhibition

Locator: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

(Waleed Al-Taweel, Saudi Falcons Club spokesperson)

"What makes this huge event special is having more than 25 sections for falcon enthusiasts, and the people who are interested in hunting and wild trip supplies, so thank God this year the space of the exhibition has increased from last year when it was 85,000 square meters and now it’s more than 100,000 square meters."

Local and international falconers and breeders alike

can take part in auctions where they can buy falcons, weapons and accessories

(Mohammed Al-Marri, Saudi falconer)

"We used to buy falcons abroad from European breeders, nowadays the European breeders and falcons are here in our country and the whole world is under one roof. The Saudi falconer and the falconers in the Gulf area in general can come pick the falcon they like, and buy it in the easiest way possible."

The exhibition runs from August 25 until September 3