Falcon hospital treats Qatar's national bird

STORY: This is Doha's falcon hospital

Location: Souq Waqif Falcon Hospital

Established in 2008, the facility offers a range of services

from surgery to generating ID and passports for the birds

During peak season, the clinic can receive up to 150 birds a day

[Muhammad Babar, Veterinarian] "Falconry is something that is practiced more in this part of the world, I mean in the Middle East, so here it is a well-known practice and a well-known sport but in other parts of the world it is not practiced much so that is why we do have more falcon hospitals in Qatar and in other parts of the region."

Centuries ago, Bedouin tribesmen used falcons to hunt for meat in the winter

These days, falconry is a popular sport and hobby for many Qataris

The falcon is also the country’s national bird