Failure to Secure Appliance Ends in Fridge Fiasco

The delivery of a new fridge to a family in Tallmadge, Ohio ended in calamity as the unsecured appliance slipped from a trolley and crashed onto their driveway.

Chad Jones’ Ring camera captured the incident and he told Storyful, “this was an LG refrigerator and it was around $4,200. Luckily we kept our old fridge!”

The delivery seemed to be progressing normally until about halfway up the driveway, when the fridge slips and crashes as a delivery man attempts to set it down. The second delivery man can be heard saying, “why didn’t you wait bro” as he remonstrates with the troubled trolley operator.

Storyful reached out to Penske Rental for comment. A spokesperson told Storyful that, “the individuals in the video are not Penske employees. They appear to work for a delivery service that rented one of our trucks.” Penske were unable to tell Storyful the name of the deliver service as they, “cannot disclose customer information as that is proprietary.” Credit: Chad Jones via Storyful