The faces of Russia's pro-Navalny protests

Marina Gulina, a computer programmer, took to the streets of Moscow on Jan. 31 and was detained.

"I went there to clear my conscience, so to speak. I'm appalled by everything happening to Alexei Navalny because even a child understands he didn't commit a crime and that he is in jail... unlawfully.

Navalny was arrested on Jan. 17 after returning to Moscow from Germany where he had been recovering from a nerve agent poisoning in Russia last summer. He accuses President Vladimir Putin of ordering his murder, which the Kremlin denies.

Viktor Lipatov, a lawyer, joined the first rally on Jan. 23 in Moscow where he said police beat him, breaking his arm and hurting his head.

"I'm sick and tired of lawlessness in this country, of small salaries, extremely small pensions, abuses against people, awful health care, high prices, and also the lack of any restraint in all the activities of our country's dear leaders."

Anton, a paralegal, was one of hundreds of people detained by police in St Petersburg at a rally on Jan. 31.

"I went to the rally because I couldn't just stay at home knowing what's going on in our country. I would have felt shame if I hadn't gone. Many people in Russia understand (what's going on), many are afraid to take public action.