Facebook's Google Photo transfer tool rolls out worldwide

Facebook now lets users transfer their images in bulk directly to Google Photos

After first introducing the tool in December of last year, Facebook has announced that worldwide, everyone can now access their integrated Google Photos transfer tool.

Over the past few months, Facebook has been gradually rolling out a photo transfer tool that allows users to transfer images and videos on their account directly to Google Photos. From December until April, the feature expanded across various continents until this week when it officially launched worldwide. 

Instead of manually downloading each item from the platform to your respective device and then uploading it to Google Photos, you can download all at once in one main step (two steps if you want to transfer all your videos, too); by going into the "Your Facebook Information" section within the Settings, you can find this tool and transfer either all your photos or all your videos.

Facebook described the purpose of this tool as being to increase the portability of an individual's personal content between the services of different companies without jeopardizing their privacy.