Will Facebook and Twitter Finally Dump Trump for Good?

J. Clara Chan
·1-min read

As President Donald Trump remains locked out of Facebook and Instagram, and strangely quiet on Twitter following a 12-hour suspension, a question looms: Will the tech giants that have largely allowed the commander-in-chief to post falsehoods, insults and threats with impunity for years, finally ban Trump for good? “The president should not be permitted to continue tweeting,” Danielle Citron, a member of Twitter’s Trust and Safety board and a professor at the University of Virginia Law School, wrote in a Wednesday op-ed for Slate. “I would have suspended his account long ago, given how harmful he has been to public health and our democracy. But Wednesday showed that he needs a serious timeout, perhaps a permanent one.” David Ryan Polgar, a tech ethicist and the founder of the organization All Tech is Human, said platforms like Facebook and Twitter have a “moral obligation” to “be aligned with public interests.” “They’re directly intertwined with the health of democracy,” Polgar said. “This is a watershed moment where we’re realizing that social media platforms can be weaponized — and we need to deweaponize them.” Also Read: Wall Street Journal Editorial Board Calls for Trump to Resign Following MAGA Riot Since Wednesday, a domino...

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