Facebook post of police and people pushing a stalled bus wins online praise

Sylvia Looi
With the help of motorists, the Johor Baru Utara traffic police tried to move the bus at Km12 of Jalan Johor Baharu-Air Hitam but failed as the rear wheels had jammed. — Picture via Facebook/Police Daerah Johor Bahru Utara

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 20 — You seldom see police and the people work hand in hand.

But on Saturday, the scene of people helping the police to push a stalled bus to the side of the road has won praise from social media users.

In a post shared by Johor Baru Utara district police on its Facebook page, at least 10 people including three policemen tried to push the double-decker bus to the side after it developed engine problems at Km12 of Jalan Johor Baharu-Air Hitam.

“Their efforts, however, failed as the rear wheels were jammed,” according to the post.

While waiting for a tow truck from Pasir Gudang to remove the bus, traffic policemen directed traffic to ensure the traffic conditions are under control.

Traffic builds up at Km12 of Jalan Johor Baharu-Air Hitam after a double decker bus stalled. — Photo via Facebook/ Police Daerah Johor Bahru Utara

Gani Hasan commented that only some people tend to look at police suspiciously while Walter Gimbu pointed out that the people who helped to push the bus are all motorcyclists.

“It is bikers who are always on the front line assisting other road users but because of illegal racers, they are looked down,” he said.

Hatimin Ttr congratulated the traffic police and the people for helping to push the bus aside.

“POLIS DAN MASYARAKAT BERPISAH TIADA (There is no separation between police and the community),” he wrote.