Facebook plans to hire 10,000 in EU for 'metaverse'

Facebook said it plans to create 10,000 jobs in the EU over the next five years.

The social media giant said Monday (October 18) it would hire those workers to build a so-called 'metaverse'.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg has talked up the idea since July.

The metaverse is an online world where people would use different devices to move and communicate in a virtual environment.

It wouldn't be exclusive to Facebook, with Microsoft and others making their own plans.

The aim is to mimic the experience of interacting in person.

Facebook has already invested heavily in virtual reality and owns companies like Oculus, maker of virtual reality headsets which could be used to explore the metaverse.

Zuckerberg believes the online space could be accessible across various platforms and has already committed $50 million to building it.

Facebook hasn't said what roles it will be hiring for, or where they will be based.

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