Facebook extends ban on U.S. political ads

You may not see election-related political ads on Facebook for another month. In an email sent to advertisers Wednesday, the company said it expects to extend its post-election advertising ban - in its words - “to help prevent confusion or abuse” on its platform.

The social media giant had previously said the ban would last a week but could be extended. The ban was part of measures the company took to combat misinformation on its site. A company spokesman declined to comment.

Facebook is blocking election-related ads as President Donald Trump refuses to concede after losing the election and keeps lodging unsupported charges of election fraud.

Google also appears to be sticking with its post-election political ad ban. It declined to say when and how the restrictions would end. A Google spokeswoman had previously said the company would lift its ban based on factors such as the time needed to count the votes and whether there was civil unrest.

Demonstrations so far have largely been peaceful.