Fable & Folly fiction podcast network aims for adverts that audiences want to listen to

The Fable and Folly Network intends to support creators through adverts that fiction fans will enjoy listening to

Fifteen top audio fiction shows are combining their powers for the Fable and Folly Network, in order to keep audiences listening and help creators make a living.

What if podcast advertising was so good that you looked forward to it instead of fast forwarded past it?

The team behind comedy adventure podcast "Alba Salix, Royal Physician" are looking to do just that, joining forces with 14 other shows to change how advertising works in fiction podcasts.

"Many of us in the podcasting industry have come to the realization that we must add advertising and sponsorship to our revenue mix," Sean Howard explained at the announcement of the Fable & Folly Network.

The initiative tacitly acknowledges the way that commercials can disrupt the flow and atmosphere of a fiction podcast.

At the same time, the genre's fans appreciate a well-told story -- and show creators know a thing or two about bringing those tales into being.

Three shows from Fable & Folly's initial membership were honored at the Webby Awards last week: "Civilized," "Marsfall" and "Moonbase Theta Out."

Howard produced Season 1 of "Alba Salix" with its creator, lead writer, director and fellow F&F co-founder Eli McIlveen, before going on to co-direct spin-off series "Axe & Crown" and co-create dark space comedy "Civilized."

"Podcast sponsorship can be more than announcers repeating the same bullet points over and over again," Howard continued. "It can be something powerful and creative that resonates with an audience to create unheard-of levels of engagement and conversion."

Fable & Folly is aiming to do that with commercials that are "powerful, creative, and resonate with an audience."

Joining "Alba Salix," "Axe & Crown" and the trio of Webby nominees are "The Amelia Project," "The Carlötta Beautox Chronicles," "Death by Dying," "Dumbgeons & Dragons," "The End of Time and Other Bothers," "Facing Fate," "Harlem Queen," "Greater Boston," "What's the Frequency?" and "We Fix Space Junk."