Tearful Lewis Hamilton reacts to British Grand Prix victory: ‘I can’t stop crying’

Tearful Lewis Hamilton reacts to British Grand Prix victory: ‘I can’t stop crying’

Lewis Hamilton admitted he “can’t stop crying” after a stunning victory at the British Grand Prix.

A ninth win at Silverstone, a record for the most wins at a single circuit in the sport, came on a rainy, action-packed day of racing.

And the Mercedes superstar, who will join Ferrari next season, could be heard sobbing over the radio after crossing the finish line.

“I can't stop crying,” Lewis Hamilton said, after holding off Max Verstappen and Lando Norris.

Hamilton set a new F1 record by winning his ninth British Grand Prix, breaking a tie with Michael Schumacher on eight victories.

“Since 2021, every day, getting up to fight and train, put my mind to the task with this amazing team, my last race here with this team, I love them, to win for them, putting in those years, I'm forever grateful,” Hamilton added.

“To our incredible fans, I can see you every lap, there’s no greater feeling to win here.

“It’s so tough, the important thing is to continue to get up, dig deep when you’re at the bottom of the barrel. Days since 2021 when I thought I wasn’t good enough or could get back to today, but I had a great team, I saw them put the effort in.

“I see my fans around the world, they’re so supportive. I love you guys!”


While Toto Wolff revealed his delight at a “fairytale” finish for Mercedes and the story of Hamilton at his home Grand Prix.

"Fantastic, you couldn't written it for our farewell at British Grand Prix, after 12 years,” said Toto Wolff.

“We had some more difficult times recently, faultless driving though, in those conditions. I enjoy us bouncing back, we were one and two in the dry, we're coming back.

“He [Bono - Peter Bonnington] is a great personality and beyond an engineer. George has been coming so strong, a shame to have a DNF.”

“GOAT, congrats Lewis,” said Sebastian Vettel as the F1 world responded to a long-awaited victory for the Briton.

Hamilton also told Sky Sports he considered giving up at times during his drought: “It is surreal. My heart is racing. I think this, I’ve had so many amazing times here in the past. When I crossed the line, something released in me, it’s the most emotional end to a win I’ve ever experienced.

“I’ve never cried, you see Rubens Barrichello crying, it doesn’t happen to me. It’s such a difficult 2021, tried to continue to come back. We’ve had a difficult time, so many thoughts and doubts along the way. At times I didn’t want to continue. To arrive and continue to get up and try, finally succeed, it’s the greatest feeling I can remember having.


“I think it’s, I know for sure I couldn’t do what I do without the friends that I have, particularly in the UK, when my Dad came around the corner to give me my first helmet. It’s incredible to have that support, people are so generous and gifting you something, or just pumping me up, that keeps me going.

“That glimpse of hope, that tiny speck, try not to ignore that, focus on my inner peace.

“Never give up, it’s the easiest thing to do but you should never do it.”