The eye-scan app that detects COVID-19

This eye scan can detect COVID-19 in three minutes

The app could usher in a new era of testing

with a hit rate of 95%

Location: Munich, Germany

It scans people's eyes to evaluate "pink eye"

and identify disease carriers

(SOUNDBITE) (German) SEMIC RF MANAGING DIRECTOR, WOLFGANG GRUBER, SAYING: "Specialists realized that there is a connection between COVID-19 and the so-called "pink eye syndrome". That is the pink coloring in the sclera - which is what we are investigating here. That is, the white around the pupil, not the iris - these are often mixed up - but the sclera. And we managed to isolate the pink color of COVID-19 from over two million different pink shades and put this in the app."

Semic RF hopes for a U.S. roll out in May 2021

pending regulatory approval