With an eye to its inhabitants' health, Madrid is launching a vast urban forest project

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An urban forest to fight global warming: the "Bosque Metropolitano," a future green infrastructure composed of more than 450,000 trees over a 75 km stretch in the city of Madrid.

Holm oaks, poplars, umbrella pines... The city of Madrid will soon be sheltered by a vast urban forest more than 70 km long. The large-scale project aims to reduce CO2 emissions, restore degraded areas, cool the city, and improve air quality.

An urban forest to fight global warming. This is the ambition of the "Bosque Metropolitano," a future 'green infrastructure' zone composed of more than 450,000 trees that will be spread over an area of 75 km in the city of Madrid. This vast forest will be composed of trees and plants from native species of the region including beech, black pine, and olive trees, thyme, rosemary...

This project has several objectives: to protect the health of Madrid's citizens by improving air quality and reducing heat islands, to absorb the greenhouse gas emissions generated by the city, and to connect the forest areas surrounding the Spanish capital.

The Madrid City Council, which is carrying out the project, makes it clear that the aim is to create an infrastructure that will last over time and is "much larger" than a park. The initiative is part of a desire to "green" the city, for example by promoting the use of bicycles or investing in clean energy sources.

If construction of this "forest belt" has already started, with some first trees planted, it will likely take a few years before we can admire the final result.

With this project, the city of Madrid is tackling one of the great challenges for our cities of tomorrow: reducing carbon emissions. And according to a recent American study, Paris would be the metropolis that has the best conditions to achieve this, particularly because of its urban density and horizontal construction.

Léa Drouelle

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