Extreme Venomverse visits the Old West, brings back Venom: Spaceknight, and more

 Extreme Venomverse #3 cover art
Extreme Venomverse #3 cover art

Extreme Venomverse #3 is on the way this June, and as usual for the Multiversal limited series, the next installment will introduce a handful of new Symbiotes from around the Venomverse in stories from a variety of creators, and now Marvel has revealed some of what readers can expect.

First up, Saturday Night Live alum Taran Killam returns to comics for a story alongside artist Rod Reis that flashes back to the Old West with a new Symbiote character named Madame Venom who is described as "a femme fatale who'll leave even the roughest and toughest outlaws shaking in their boots!"

Killam, who is coincidentally married to MCU Maria Hill actor Cobie Smulders, previously co-wrote the IDW comic The Illegitimates in 2012.

Extreme Venomverse #3 cover art
Extreme Venomverse #3 cover art

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Then incoming Avengers writer Jed MacKay will team up with artist Danny Earls, who makes his Marvel Comics debut on a story that introduces a totally new "prehistoric and primal" version of Venom.

A third story promises the return of Venom Spaceknight, while also ominously warning that "not every Venom is making it out of this saga alive." No creators for the story have been named.

And finally, cartoonist Ty Templeton's Daily Bugle Funnies returns with a "symbiotic spin."

Extreme Venom is part of the lead-in to Marvel's 'Summer of Symbiotes' initiative which includes a number of new titles and stories related to Venom's corner of the Marvel Universe and his related spin-off Symbiotes.

Extreme Venomverse #3 goes on sale June 14 with a cover by Leinil Francis Yu.

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