Extreme close up reveals dragonflies wear aviator shades

This close up video footage reveals that dragonfly faces look remarkably similar to fighter pilots with aviator shades. Although these insects appear to have two eyes, they actually possess nearly 24,000 cell clusters, called ommatidia that make up a compound eye of the insects. This allows the dragonfly to see in a mosaic form. Dragonflies are extremely agile fliers, possessing skills and maneuverability that also imitates a fighter plane. They can propel themselves forward, backward, up, down, and to either side. They prey on flying insects, snatching them out of the air and taking them to a nearby branch or stone to devour them. Strong in terms of insects, the dragonfly is able to easily overpower and carry off moths and horseflies with ease. Cottagers love dragonflies and delight in seeing them buzzing around because they know that these nimble creatures will save them from the deerflies and horseflies that plague the areas near lakes and summer homes, causing frustration and pain among those who are bitten by the flies. Dragonflies possess impressive intelligence, demonstrating that they understand that humans attract their preferred food. In that sense, humans are bait for the dragonflies to catch their meals. Dragonflies symbolize strength and courage in western culture, and many see them as a sign of hope. They appear on pottery and in paintings and pictures, bringing joy to many. And to most people, they are sign of summer as they are very numerous in the hotter months. Dragonflies are large insects but they are descended from an even larger creature called a Protodonata, one of the largest insects to have ever lived. It had a wingspan of nearly 75cm (30 inches). These would have been large and powerful enough to carry off a bird or even a small dog. We frequently see these little animals flying around us rapidly or flying past us. Occasionally, we see them perched and still, but getting such an extreme close up reveals a very endearing face that appears to be smiling at us from behind a pair of sunglasses.

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