Extinction Rebellion disrupts London Fashion Week

PROTESTER ADDRESSING PEOPLE IN THE QUEUE SAYING (English) "If you are against fast fashion, raise your hand now, please"

Extinction Rebellion were out in force on Saturday (February 15).

Hundreds of climate change activists targeted London Fashion Week, blocking roads leading to the event's main hub, armed with colorful flares, banners and flags, as they called on the fashion industry to act.

Extinction Rebellion spokesperson Sara Arnold.


"We are asking for deep systemic change. We are asking not for sustainability but a complete reinvention of this industry in a way that regenerates the environment. Yes, so we are calling for a cancellation between now and September and for the British Fashion Council to gather their stakeholders and come up with an emergency action plan. But importantly we are also telling them that they cannot do this alone, they need the government. They need to call on the government to act."

On Friday (February 14), a near-nude protester from the animal rights group PETA had her fake skin torn off outside London Fashion Week venue in a stunt against the leather industry.