ExpressVPN officially launches password manager tool for all users

 ExpressVPN Keys.
ExpressVPN Keys.

TechRadar's highest-rated VPN service is a step closer to becoming an all-in-one privacy software as it launches its new password manager tool.

After a successful Beta release, ExpressVPN Keys is now available for all users at no extra cost. This means the provider now has a tool to manage and protect all passwords, and other sensitive details, without the need to sign up for an extra service.

ExpressVPN is also one of only a few VPN providers to include this feature for free.

What is ExpressVPN Keys?

"Passwords are an inescapable part of our online lives. But despite their importance, a huge number of people still have bad password habits, relying on repeated use of the same password or the dreaded password reset button as their security method of choice," said Samuel Bultez, Head of Product at ExpressVPN.

In a digital world where the number of online accounts rises at the same pace as data breaches, having a reliable way to secure your most sensitive details is crucial. Now, with ExpressVPN, you won't even need an additional app.

Buletz explained that Keys's mission is to make this transition to security a little bit easier for users. "We want to help more of our users take their first steps into password best practice, making it simple and easy for people to manage their passwords with a brand they trust," he said.

With Keys, you'll be able to store an unlimited number of logins, passwords, credit/debit card details, and even notes. The tools will help you generate stronger customized passwords, too, while alerting you if your existing ones are too weak. It also acts as a data breach alert, sending you notifications when your emails or passwords have been breached.

ExpressVPN Keys doesn't just promise security—it's also more convenient.

For example, you can use it as a 2FA authenticator. This means Keys will generate and autofill six-digit time-based one-time passwords (TOTPs) in your place when signing in to accounts. It lets you remotely sign out of devices, while it automatically syncs all your information across, and can also unlock biometrics on your smartphone and securely autofill credit card details, logins, and passwords.

Key comes directly integrated into the iOS and Android VPN apps as well as a browser extension, and can be used across unlimited devices at once.

A security journey

As mentioned, ExpressVPN Keys was first launched in Beta in April 2022. Now, more than a year later, the team finally has the security product they envisaged, ready to offer users

"We are proud to make privacy and security easy and accessible, by offering an all-in-one suite of tools: VPN, password manager, Aircove router, data breach alert, blockers for ads, trackers, malicious sites, adult sites, and more," said Bultez.

The team built Keys completely in-house and from scratch, using zero-knowledge encryption. In December, Cure53 confirmed the security of its infrastructure in an independent audit.

The provider wanted to give anyone the opportunity to check how the software works, by adding it to the ExpressVPN bug bounty program, so other security researchers can test its code and make suggestions. The provider even released a 43-page long white paper including more details about Keys' design and technical infrastructure.

Buletz said: "Privacy and security have never been more important—yet more complex. Our vision is to build out a privacy and security super app, and help modern users protect all aspects of their digital lives through a single app and subscription."