Explosions and Large Fireball in Gallatin County After Truck Hits Propane Tank

Big Sky Fire Department in Montana reported a series of explosions and a large fireball was seen on January 6 after a gas truck slid across ice and hit a propane tank at a concrete batch plant.

The incident took place at the Kenyon Noble concrete mixing plant. Big Sky Deputy Fire Chief Dustin Tetrault said that a at approximately 2.30 p.m. a truck severed a gas line connected to the propane tank before sliding into the tank itself. The collision cracked the propane tank and caused gas to leak as one of the severed gas lines began to catch fire.

A large blast evident in this footage was followed by a few other smaller explosions, according to Tetrault.

The fire was extinguished in approximately 30 minutes and there were no reports of injury. Credit: Kelly Scherfig via Storyful