Explorer dives to the deepest point on Earth

(SOUNDBITE) (English) SPACE AND SEA EXPLORER, RICHARD GARRIOTT, SAYING:‘It is literally the deepest place on Earth. It is almost 11,000 meters of sea water deep, that is deeper than Mount Everest is high above sea level, by a couple thousand meters at least."

Explorer Richard Garriott dived into the deepest place on Earth

to collect geological, water, and sea creature samples for research

Courtesy: Richard Garriott De Cayeux

It took about four hours to descend around 7 miles

Location: Mariana Trench

He is the first person to explore the:

- North and South Pole

- Mariana Trench

- International Space Station

(SOUNDBITE) (English) SPACE AND SEA EXPLORER, RICHARD GARRIOTT, SAYING:"A spaceship has to hold in one atmosphere of pressure, the submarine has to hold out about a thousand atmospheres of pressure. And so while the systems are very similar, you're in a small little craft and life support and things are similar, to get down to that depth, what is required to survive, much less work at that depth, is by far the most extreme, by far the hardest technologically to overcome. And so now I'm actually the first person who has explored the Earth from pole to pole, flown above it into space and descended to the deepest points."