Explore the world of vinyl records and music collector culture at the Kena Sound event in PJPac

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Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, August 4 — With streaming services taking over music listening, vinyl has become a popular alternative.

There is a strong community of record lovers growing among Malaysians young and old.

An event by music collectors for music collectors is happening at PJPac, One Utama this Saturday, August 6.

The inaugural Kena Sound event aims to showcase the importance and relevance of physical music formats, specifically vinyl records.

A special selection of music vendors and pop-up record shops will be showing up.

Among those confirmed are Sputnik Rekordz, Crossroad Records, LP Freak Store, Tandang Store, MusicRecords2U, Waste Records, Amused To Death, Peluru Dalam Perahu, and more.

Datuk Kamil Othman, legendary radio presenter of The Alternative Rock Show on Time Highway Radio in the 1990s will be speaking at 3pm on the importance of introducing non-mainstream music to local airwaves.

Musicians Disko Santan, CJ Oli, and Wakmy will be performing sets on the turntables.

The event will be held in a casual environment with over 60 tables booked and suitable rest areas at the venue.

Whether one is looking for that hidden gem of a record or filling up the new vinyl shelves, the event will have something for everyone.

The Kena Sound event aims to bring the small community in Kuala Lumpur together for discussion, record diving, and deejay listening.

“It might be a niche scene, but music collectors, especially vinyl lovers, are still building sizeable record collections at home,” Chang OY, one of the Kena Sound Crew members explained.

“We’re not talking about only older music fans here. In the last 10 years, young vinyl collectors here have given the vinyl revival a youthful outlook.”

“Malaysians ― no matter the age ― still care about physical formats, and Kena Sound is an event to welcome these people.”

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