Exploding Hoverboard Battery Starts House Fire, Leaving Woman in Induced Coma

Home security video has shown the moment a hoverboard battery exploded and caused a house fire in Smethwick, England, on November 13.

Jacqueline Barrett, 54, remained in hospital in an induced coma after being rescued from the property, West Midlands Fire Service (WMFS) said in a statement on November 15.

Barrett, who has multiple sclerosis and heart problems, was in her downstairs bedroom, next to the lounge, when the fire started.

The fire service said the footage had been released as a “stark warning to take care when charging electrical items”.

Barrett’s son, Shane Johnson, who is also her carer, said: “It’s awful. My mum’s really ill in hospital. The fire and smoke damage to the house is just unbelievable." He added: "If anyone needs a warning about leaving things unattended when they’re charging, or plugged in when they’re fully charged, this is it. It could happen to anyone.”

Pete Wilson, WMFS’s Strategic Lead for Prevention, said: “This incident is horrific. Our thoughts are with Jacqueline, her family and friends at such a difficult time. We are extremely grateful to Shane for allowing us to share the home security video. It should send a clear warning to people to take utmost care when charging electrical items." Credit: West Midlands Fire Service/Shane Johnson via Storyful

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