Experts weigh in on Biden's new climate change programs

STORY: Biden announced the Federal Emergency Management Agency will provide $2.3 billion in funding to help states build cooling centers to deal with excessive heat and to tackle other impacts of climate change.

The steps include providing more funding for a program that helps local communities expand flood control, shore up utilities, and retrofit buildings, as well as another that helps low-income families pay for heating and cooling costs, according to a White House official.

“The more the better," said Joellen L. Russell, professor of Geosciences, Planetary Science, Hydrology & Atmospheric Science at the University of Arizona. "But I also worry a little bit that we're putting a lot of emphasis on what we call adaptation. Basically just getting used to being able to handle the very high heat, the very large floods, the coastal inundation, you know, our incredible droughts out here in the west and the wildfires and the emissions,”

Russell says she is more interested in mitigation efforts but considers the announcement by Biden a step in the right direction.

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