Experts begin restoration work on ancient Mayan temple


STORY: Location: Dzibilchaltun, Mexico

Archaeologists have begun restoration work on this ancient Mayan temple

[Angel Gongora Salas, Archaeologist]

"The temple, or as we know it, structure forty-six, has been excavated in previous years up to seventy percent, so we need to move forward this season and finish restoring it and try to reach ninety percent or one hundred percent. This temple was important because it was an exclusive temple for the rulers of the place; it was not open to ordinary people."

The 12-meter-high temple was used exclusively by the nobility that ruled Dzibilchaltun

Dzibilchaltun was one of the largest human settlements

on the north coast of the Yucatan Peninsula

Its greatest splendor was achieved between 770 and 880 AD

"We discovered at least fifty rooms or more. Some are connected to each other, some porticos and some sunken patios. Some are probably areas where they cooked and did specialized work. But we are going to discover more with the results of the work that we started this season."