Expect long lines, higher prices this summer

STORY: Demand is surging for airlines, hotels, rental car firms and booking sites

But the travel sector is facing a tight labor market and limited capacity

High prices and low availability will dog American travelers

Source: Smith Travel Research

Hilton will reprice rooms "every minute of the day" to limit inflation effects

Daily rates at U.S. hotels were 37.7% higher in Q1, 2022 compared to Q1, 2021

Hertz averaged 481,000 vehicles during Q1, compared to 700,000 in 2019

Flights are also pricier, as staffing woes hit summer schedules

Source: Hopper

Domestic airlines will operate between 75% to 95% of their 2019 summer capacity

Source: Skyscanner

Round trips within the U.S. will cost around $302 per traveler, up 3% on 2019

Long and ultra-long-haul flights are up 20% to around $797 and $1,182

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