Expect 'even more' heatwaves in the future, French forecaster says

STORY: There's "no end in sight" for

France’s record hot summer

Experts say the third heatwave is

worsening the current drought

(Florian Hortola, Weather forecaster)

"We are seeing record levels of drought. This is to say that we have never seen the ground as dry as it is at the moment. Over the coming days, there is not a lot of rain expected, even though a few storms are expected in the north of France from tomorrow. We have classic meteorological situations but this warming of the atmosphere leads to temperatures which are higher than before, so now it is very easy to have very high temperatures for several days in a row and thus heatwaves. In the coming years and decades, we expect it to get warmer and warmer and so to have even more heatwaves, for prolonged periods of time."

With no rain and soaring temperatures

authorities are restricting water use

in nearly all regions of mainland France

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