Expats in Europe watch the Queen's funeral

STORY: In Linz, Germany, Gary Blackburn decked his hotel, "Little Britain Inn Hotel" with various homages to the Queen.

After honouring the minute's silence in standing Blackburn and family and friends watched the funeral from their living room.

"My feelings are very sad but also very proud, proud to be British and proud that such a Queen lived, who was respected all over the world. In England, Europe, all over. For me she was a very good example and never put a foot wrong. She worked for peace and the Commonwealth and did a lot of good in the world,' he told Reuters TV.

Across the globe, crowds gathered outside British embassies and consulates and at cafes, bars and other public places to bear witness to the pageantry unfurling thousands of miles away from their homes.

In the French capital, bar owner Thibaud Dupont showed off his new tattoo of the monarch on his forearm as he joined others at the pub to watch the procession together.

"She was not our queen, but she reigned over Britain for 70 years. The only other one that reigned longer was Louis XIV. And so that’s a common history,” he told Reuters TV.