New expansion Diablo 4 Vessel of Hatred will bring a brand new class to the franchise

 Screenshot from the Diablo 4 Vessel of Hatred reveal trailer.
Screenshot from the Diablo 4 Vessel of Hatred reveal trailer.

At Blizzcon 2023, Diablo 4 production directors Tiffany Wat and Chris Wilson announced Diablo 4's first full expansion, Vessel of Hatred, which will focus on the prime evil Mephisto, and his influence on the world of Sanctuary.

While it was very much a "one last thing" announcement without gameplay, Wat and Wilson said that the new expansion would be adding a class never seen before into Diablo 4 and would be adding a new area to the Sanctuary that's already available in Diablo 4.

In our five-star Diablo 4 review, Cat Bussell explained that the game was "a meticulously crafted action RPG and sets a new standard for isometric, open-world adventures." While the game's first season of content had many detractors, season 2 appears to be much better received at the moment.

You can check out the full Vessel of Hared expansion announcement trailer below. It's complete with a panning shot through the forest and finishes with a lingering look at a series of pyramids or forts protruding from the canopy while a grim-sounding voiceover sets the scene. The trailer reveals that the expansion will be released in 'late 2024'.

We'll come back to this story if we get more to it, but the idea of a new hero is personally exciting for me, a long-term Diablo fan. Given the choice, I'd love to see a hero that can wear actual armor: I love my angry angry barbarian, but I wish I could put someone in some plate mail sometimes, you know?

That's not the only Blizzard game at Blizzcon 2023 to have a new character teased. Overwatch 2 fans got the first look at the new hero Mauga, and there are new expansions for Hearthstone and World of Warcraft planned, too.

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