Exhibitor list: Country Living Pavilion at RHS Tatton Park

Photo credit: Country Living
Photo credit: Country Living

Dates: 22nd to 26th July 2021


In the Country Living Pavilion at the RHS Tatton Park flower show, you'll find:

Winnie Magee www.winniemagee.com

Tiny Designs www.tiny-designs.org.uk

Sundari Jewellery www.sundarijewellery.co.uk

Rosehip Design www.rosehipdesign.co.uk

Burbi www.burbi.co.uk

Arnold & Arnold www.arnoldleathergoods.co.uk

Cashmere & Cotton www.cashmereandcotton.co.uk

Simon’s Leather www.simonsleather.co.uk

Alison Haddon www.alisonhaddon.com

Wood Like To Play www.woodliketoplay.co.uk

The Prestbury Candle Company www.theprestburycandlecompany.com

Paul Hamblett Jewellery (no website)

Ella and Cherry www.ellaandcherry.co.uk

Peak and Brim Hats www.peakandbrimhats.com

What a Good Idea! www.wagi.co.uk

Lumina of London www.luminaoflondon.co.uk

Massagical www.massagical.co.uk

Uwe Raw Cotton (no website)

Pink Avocet www.pinkavocet.com

For Me and For You Designs www.formeandforyou.co.uk

Ramblers www.ramblers.org.uk

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