Exhibit explores Beirut's glamorous past to grim present

STORY: “We wanted to recreate what Lebanon used to be and what Lebanon is now.”

‘Allo, Beirut?’ is a multidisciplinary

exhibition that revisits Beirut’s past

and explores Beirutis' connection to the present

The director worked with journalists,

researchers and artists on the project

Delphine Abirached Darmency, Director:

"We want this space to belong to the Beirutis, and it is the way we wanted the exhibition, immersive, interactive, to feel you are included in it - like you'd use this, you put it and listen to sound. It's the way you can attract people because I believe just putting archive behind glass will not create this sense of belonging and interest for the audience."

It highlights Beirut’s golden age

as well as the civil war in 1975

Artists were asked to contribute

reflections on present-day Beirut