Exclusive: Majority Of Voters Want Next Government To Take UK Back Into European Union

Pro-EU demonstrators protest outside Parliament.
Pro-EU demonstrators protest outside Parliament. Wiktor Szymanowicz via Getty Images

A clear majority of voters want the next government to take the UK back into the European Union, according to a new poll.

The Techne survey for Independent Media showed 43% in favour of rejoining the bloc, compared with 40% who want to stay out.

But once the 18% who say they don’t know are taken out, 52% back EU membership with 48% opposing it - a complete reversal of the 2016 Brexit referendum result.

The findings are significant because, unlike other polls, they suggest most voters want to go back into the EU as soon as possible.

They also come despite the fact that Brexit has hardly featured as an issue in the general election campaign.

Support for rejoining is strongest among those who voted Labour at the last election, with 79% backing it, compared to 62% of Lib Dems and 25% of Tories.

Dr Mike Galsworthy, chair of the pro-EU European Movement, told HuffPost UK: “These data are fascinating. Although we regularly see polls showing 60% or more of the UK public would vote rejoin in a referendum rather than voting to stay out, commentators always caveat this with there being no public appetite for such a move to happen now.

“This new poll upends that and clearly shows the impatience of the public to get back into the EU as soon as possible - with Labour’s voting base overwhelmingly keen to see the next government take that move.

“Whether or not the next government feels that is logistically possible within a first parliament, nevertheless they do need to recognise that the growing appetite is clearly there.”