Exclusive: "After We Collided" Stars Hero Fiennes Tiffin and Josephine Langford on Hardin's Past

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From Seventeen

*Major spoilers for After We Collided below!*

After fans have been waiting for the chance to meet the real Hardin Scott and they finally got the chance in the series second film, After We Collided, which was recently released in the United States. Always known for his bad boy traits, it seemed like Hardin was just following the typical trope we've seen countless times on TV and films. But as seen in After We Collided, there's something even deeper in his character that wasn't seen before.

Just like every other relationship, IRL and fictional, as Hardin and Tessa learn more about each other, details about their past come up and things turn for viewers as they learn about Hardin and what led him to his eventual alcoholism. For star Hero Fiennes Tiffin it was a long awaited moment after filming the first movie.

"For me, it was what I always wanted. There's aspects of his character that in the first film aren't fully justified. It's good because it prolongs the whole story, but it's really nice for people to know everything," Hero exclusively told Seventeen. "There's always that thing like, 'Don't judge a book by its cover.' You don't want to judge a person because you never know everything about them. And it's nice for the fans and audience to finally know, not the full story, more about who he is and why he's like. I was always really looking forward to that and I'm glad we we got to do it."

While this does drive Tessa and Hardin away from each other for a bit, Josephine Langford notes that there's something else about him that always brings them back to each other.

"I think Tessa's perspective is that there's this guy who's romantic, thoughtful, and actually really sweet. Like a marshmallow underneath this hard exterior. Intellectually and physically, they have this connection," Josephine Langford said. "I think she sees him in a different way to how most people look at him."

"There's another part of it that is sort of inexplicable and she's initially very confused as to why she likes him. They have opposing qualities that complement one another. It's this sort of inexplicably magnetic connection that makes so many fans drawn to the story and just keep coming back for more," she continued.

Luckily for fans, there's still two more movies in the works, so there's definitely a lot more coming up for Tessa and Scott.

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