Excitement builds ahead of Queen's Jubilee celebrations

STORY: A stage and temporary seating had been set up in front of Buckingham Palace in the morning, in preparation for a concert featuring the likes of rock group Queen, American R&B singer Alicia Keys, and U.S. singer Diana Ross later on.

The celebrations will first begin with a military parade in central London, and for the first time 96-year-old Elizabeth will take the salute from the 1,500 soldiers and officers from the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

Friday (June 3) will see a thanksgiving service at London's St. Paul's Cathedral, while on Saturday (June 4) royal family members will attend the Epsom Derby horse race. On Sunday (June 5), officials estimate more than 16,000 street parties will take place in Britain, and celebrations will conclude with a pageant through the capital.

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