Excited Scottish man offers "tech review" of GoPro Hero 9's best upgrade

The GoPro Hero 9 is an exciting camera with some spectacular new features and upgrades. The action cam enthusiasts are all offering their opinions and reviews, but this camera buff is excited about something other than the stabilization features. He's baffled by the new "voodoo science" that he says allows the camera to take you back in time to capture the action that happened 30 seconds before you even knew you needed to record. Our tech review enthusiast provides a hilarious rapid review in a Scottish brogue as he struggles to maintain his enthusiasm. Luckily, he's slowed down his commentary as much as he can to make it understandable to the viewer, and even to the camera. The fact that the voice control feature can understand the Scottish accent, known to be one of the most difficult technological feats, impresses him almost as much as the feature he reviews. Hindsight is the latest development from this action camera giant and it passively records when the camera is on, but not activated to record. Once the record button is pressed, or the voice command is given, the images from the past 30 seconds are stored by the camera as if the user had the ability to go back in time 30 seconds and begin recording.