Will ex-Ukrainian player Vladyslav Baboglo be a nightmare for Ukraine’s national team?

Vladyslav Baboglo previously represented Ukraine at the youth level
Vladyslav Baboglo previously represented Ukraine at the youth level

Ukraine’s national football team will face Moldova as part of their preparations for EURO 2024 on June 11.

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The match kicks off at 7:00 p.m. Kyiv time. Fans can follow the live broadcast of Ukraine vs. Moldova match on the NV website.

After a tough draw against Germany (0-0), Serhiy Rebrov’s squad suffered a 3-1 defeat to Poland in Warsaw. The third goal against Buschan was scored by Ukrainian-born Taras Romanchuk, who recently obtained Polish citizenship.

Interestingly, Vladyslav Baboglo, who plays for Karpaty and previously represented Ukraine at the youth level, will be playing for Moldova.

NV journalist Andriy Pavlechko spoke exclusively with Lviv Karpaty legend Mykhailo Kopolovets. The former player shared his expectations for the match against Moldova and explained why Karpaty defender Vladyslav Baboglo won’t be a nightmare for Rebrov’s team.

What kind of football do you expect to see in the Ukraine-Moldova match, considering the recent games against Germany and Poland?

“It’s good that Rebrov identified the weak spots in the matches against Germany and Poland. These are friendly matches, so it doesn’t matter that they lost to Poland. It will be a different team playing against Moldova, we understand that,” he said.

“As a professional, I look at these friendlies from the standpoint of results. Rebrov saw the weaknesses. He wants to see who is in what form in these matches, that’s clear.”

“The public looks from one side: ‘Oh, they lost.’ But it will be a different game with Moldova.”

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How do you think Serhiy Rebrov can surprise the public in the match against Moldova?

“It’s not Rebrov, but the players who come out and play for the national team that need to surprise. We have a lot of players in top leagues.”

“And where do Moldova’s players play? Baboglo plays for Karpaty? We need to surprise with the score.”

“Ukraine should beat this team if we want to advance from the group at the Euro’s and compete for something. We need to win comfortably.”

In the match against Poland, we struggled with set pieces. Can Karpaty defender Vladyslav Baboglo become a nightmare for our team in the penalty area?

“I think it’s unlikely. I work at Karpaty. Will he score against us? How many goals has he scored in the championship?”

“No, I don’t think so. He won’t be a nightmare because he hasn’t scored many goals for Karpaty.”

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Did you give him any advice before the match against Ukraine?

“No, I didn’t give any advice or say anything because I support Ukraine’s national team.”

What’s your prediction for the match against Moldova?

“I think we’ll beat Moldova 2-0. Mudryk and Sudakov will score,” Kopolovets said.

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