Ex-NBA Star JR Smith Attacked by Wasps During College Golf Tournament

Ex-NBA player JR Smith was attacked by wasps during his debut at a college golf tournament in Burlington, North Carolina, on October 12.

Smith, who has two National Basketball Association Championships under his belt, was playing the 12th hole at the Elon Phoenix Invitational at the Alamance Country Club when he stepped on what looked to be a wasp nest.

Footage by Jared Bunder, a student at Elon University, shows Smith batting away the wasps, before being treated for stings.

Smith, age 35, went straight to the NBA out of high school and recently enrolled as a freshman at North Carolina A&T University. He continued his round after the ordeal, and finished 81st out of 84 competitors. Credit: Jared Bunder via Storyful

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