Ex-Gogglebox family say they were ‘shocked’ to be dropped from the show

Chantelle Walker, who appeared on Gogglebox in 2020 with her mum and sister, has spoken out about being dropped from the show.

The family appeared on a few episodes, but Walker claims they were put on a filming break, before being dropped altogether.

"There was silence for a while and we didn’t know what was going on for months. Then they dropped us, which was a shock,” Walker told The Sun, speaking of her family’s disappearance from the show.

The 26-year-old claims that the North London family were told that there was not enough cameras to film them.

But as things transpired, their contracts were not renewed: “There was no discussion, we couldn’t understand why – but what can you do when they tell you they don’t want to film anymore?"

“People were shocked when we were dropped, even now they ask us when we are going back on,” Walker said.

Despite the abrupt ending, Walker said that she had enjoyed being on the show, and would be up for returning to it if she was asked.

"It was a really good experience doing Gogglebox... but it was a bit disappointing, I feel like we should have had more airtime but they chose to use less of us.

"It was fun but I wish it could have been for longer. If I was asked to go on Gogglebox again I would do it,” she added.

The Walker family (Channel 4)
The Walker family (Channel 4)

Their episodes had been filmed in Airbnbs and the crew had operated from a van outside as it was during the pandemic.

Walker thinks she was initially spotted by the show after a video of her dancing to pigeon noises amassed over a million views on TikTok.

“I was going viral - I believe that’s how they found me and asked if I was interested in going through the process.”

“I had quite a few shows interested including The Circle, Gogglebox and another that wanted people and their nans,” she added.