Ex-'Destiny' studio boss founded a studio to make other game studios

ProbablyMonsters 'creates and sustains independently operated development studios' focused on hit entertainment franchises

Harold Ryan, who was with "Halo" and "Destiny" franchise creator Bungie, has revealed his new project, ProbablyMonsters, a studio incubator that has already set up two top-tier game studios.

Instead of making games, ProbablyMonsters is making game studios.

Its founder and CEO, Harold Ryan, held the chief executive position at Bungie until 2016, working at the developer as the "Halo" and then "Destiny" franchises were launched.

Though only revealed now, ProbablyMonsters was set up in 2016, giving it enough time to incubate Cauldron Studios and Firewalk Studios, each of which has significant links back to Bungie and a glossy, publisher-signed video game in development.

Cauldron is headed up by Dave Matthews ("God of War," "Myst," "Destiny") with CJ Cowan as Game Director (story lead for "Destiny" expansions House of Wolves and Taken King).

Firewalk has Tony Hsu as its leader ("Destiny," "Call of Duty: Black Ops") with the "Destiny 2" Creative Director, Ryan Ellis, as its Game Director.

Details on those studios' first games will be divulged in the coming months, according to ProbablyMonsters.