Ex-Croatian beauty queen’s sexy attire at World Cup raises eyebrows and hackles in Qatar (VIDEO)

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 8 — Despite Qatari authorities calling on World Cup attendees to respect the country’s rules and traditions, one former Croatian beauty queen is pushing the limits with her revealing clothes.

Besides the upsets produced in the matches, Ivana Knoll has become the most talked-about person by spectators with her revealing outfits worn at the stadium, Sunday World reported.

Although complaints have been lodged against the 30-year-old, Knoll has vowed to continue with her style of dressing.

“I am very surprised and happy by the way the fans have respected my clothing in Qatar,” Knoll reportedly told television personality Piers Morgan, claiming she has yet to receive any negative reactions so far.

“I’ve had photos with lots of people and everyone seems happy to see me. When I came here, I asked the locals what the rules were and they said I could wear what I normally wear as they are making special rules for the World Cup. This is why I dress this way.”

A Qatari man Mohammed Hassan Al-Jefairi, who also appeared on the show, said people are taking Knoll’s photographs as they were against her choice of clothing.

“Many people are sending messages and photos of the way she is dressed,” he said, describing Knoll’s choice of dressing as strange.

A check on Knoll’s Instagram showed she only wears clothing with Croatia’s iconic red and white chequered design when attending matches played by her home country.

Croatia is up against Brazil in the quarter-finals on Friday at 11pm.